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2018 Partial Client List – Present and Past*

Muhammad Ali Susan Blakely
Barbra Streisand Stanley Kubrick
David Bowie Blake Edwards
Barbara Niven Leonardo DiCaprio
Dick Gregory Thierry Lhermitte
The Stanley Kramer Library Leigh Taylor-Young
Pauley Perrette Joe Eszterhas
Jane Fonda Richard Dreyfuss
Lauren Hutton Mark Lane
William Peter Blatty Richard Chamberlain
Jacqueline Bisset Richard Pryor
Donald Sutherland John Cassavetes
Peter Sellers Ryan O'Neal
Gladys Knight Tatum O'Neal
Delbert Mann Walter Matthau
Sen. Edward M. Kennedy Robert Urich
Dalton Trumbo Nicholas Roeg
Dick Cavett Show Peter Bogdanovich
Gene Hackman Michael Nouri
  and President William Jefferson Clinton

*The nature of our work includes crisis management and litigation support (related to civil and criminal cases) in various fields. In those cases our clients require confidentiality. We respect that and make it a part of our contract as we frequently work under the “attorney-client privilege” protection for communications. Therefore, we cannot list all of the clients that we represent now or have represented in the past.



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